31 August 2007

I miei preferiti!

I love youtube because there are so many interesting videos from italy! So i'm posting a couple of my favorites!

Professor that smokes in class:

argument between professor and student at La Sapienza :):

you tube is currently down so I will be adding others ! but check those in the meantime

28 August 2007


Ok so I'm really excited that in my International Comparative management class we are talking about you guys! (Expats!!) So i was wondering which of the 4 types of expats are you guys??

a.native--you completely adapted to the culture of the country you now live in (for most of you italy) and no longer consider yourselfs even americans

b. Free lancer-- you don't really belong to either country but rather follow your own dreams and desires.

c. Heart at home- you live abroad but your true alligence is to your home country.

d. Dual Citizens--you feel like you are a citzen of both countries...

So let me know what kind of expat you have become! :)

25 August 2007


OK so adesso sono ritornata dalle vacanze e pronto di ricominciare con il mio blog!

So I was wondering what you all think about online dating at least in italy....I recently saw a Yahoo article that said "it's easier for italians to meet people online than it is on the beach..." I guess that since being online is so accessible and more italians are getting computers...dating has changed a bit. There are so many sites like badoo, bellisinasce, and meetic that I feel italians are looking online ..... if you ask many italians if they have met in person someone they met online...many say yes!

I've personally met 2 italians in person that I first met online...one happened to live in nyc....and i was up there for a concert. and another was in Rome with someone from caserta who I had known for almost a year....

The one from Caserta I no longer talk to ..but I do talk to the one i met in the nyc.

so do italians really meet more people online than the beach?

10 August 2007

On a Different Note.......

Colored Denim

Recently in the states, a trend that is becoming very popular is Colored denim and I'm curious as to whether it is also fairly popular in Italy? What do you guys think of these new colored denim jeans!
Baci e Abbracci :)

07 August 2007

Last Week At the Office......

This is my last week interning, it is a bittersweet ending! It is the end of what seems like eternal boredom surfing the internet all day.... but it Is also sad as i love the people I work with and if it weren't for this job, I would have never discovered all of you guys!

I've made some progress or at least I think, with my school decision....

It's down to either Bologna or Rome--though Bologna has some obsticles at the moment! The program deadline was March 2007-which to me is rather ridiculous! I've been planning this since the beginning of college and then to think that I was late is crazy... So i'm working on that..

Otherwise I'll be in Aruba next week for a little relaxation before I return to the Uni.

Grazie a tutti per tutti i commenti e consiglii e cosi via.. veramente mi avete aiutato tanto anche se nn hai fatto commenti xche leggo tutti di vostri blogs ogni giorni e mi danno speranza e idea per la mia vita e cose che mi piacerebbe fare quando torno in italia...e soppratutto..come transformare miei sogni in realita!

Baci E Abbracci

03 August 2007


Ho bisogna di consiglio.....

Ok so my Internship is ending next week and So I emailed the offices in Italy about continuing my Internship there, now that I found out with the student visa you can study and work for 20 hours in Italy! So I got a lot of out of office replies from the HR people...basically saying they won't be back til end of August but today I got a reply saying to call The main HR guy after the 26th of August ! Hurray! :) But there are a few things i don't like about talking on the phone in italian..... a) i can never hear clearly and always end up saying "cosa" like 4000x times...... and secondly... I realized that the offices in milan are far from bocconi....like really far....and the offices in roma..are outside the city so thats really far from sapienza....offices in BOlogna are like only sales offices. So who knows.. What do you think they would say if I told them I could do it June, July and August? that way if i'm in bologna I can move to rome/milan and find a close apt . What do you guys think? help!! :)

baci & abbracci