19 November 2007

Home Food--a Fabulous Idea

Have you guys read about this?

I thought this was an excellent idea for italians and tourists alike who want to know what the true italian at home dinning experience is. With this program tourists or italians can sign up to have a meal at an italian's home. Supposely Samantha Brown did this in Bologna, and there are quite a few in bologna also some in Rome who host this lovely program!
cHECK IT out:


12 November 2007

da fare......

I'm very excited to begin my adventures in Bologna, but boy--ho da fare! I have to go get my student visa this friday--of course the consulate has typical italian hours:
M/w/f 9:00-12:00. Where do they think they are? Italy? This is philadelphia! Oh well....
Aside from that i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about all the things I have to do, and what I have to pack etc. considering it's only 55 days away! :D

One of the things I'm excited about is the fact that I'll be one of the only blogs from bologna! So i have to give you all the inside scoop on whats going on in this cittadina.

I have downloaded some new italian music and I love this song from one of my favorite artists!

07 November 2007

A sad note...

For all of those who have done ERASMUS or will be doing erasmus ..this is a really terrible thing to happen especially in Italy. Especially because one of the people involved was supposed to be the girls friend, an American Student...This just reminds me that it's very important to be "attenta" della gente che nn conosci! Here is the link to the story as our thoughts are prayers are with the family: