21 July 2009

I decided to make a post here, because it is more fitting than my other blog: www.bolognastyle.wordpress.com because that one is more directed to things about italy and less about my personal life. I wanted to give an update incase anyone is still following me here...

I am currently in Padova for the summer-I was given 3 choices for how to spend my summer
1. Work at an art gallery in Positano 6 days a week and try to sell high end art work
2. Work on a boat in ponza
3. Work at a Famous Calzatura near Padova in the Information Systems Dept. (my degree is in this field)

I choose Padova, all though it was the least beatiful location ( I prefer the sea).

I love being in Italy and I try not to take one moment for granted because I know I will have to return home at the end of August. I never was able to obtain Italian Citizenship and seeing how the Italian companies pay, it just doesnt seem feasible at the moment. :(

This makes me very sad, but I know that I will be able to make the move one day,..

I have a lot of funny stories coming about things that happen in the office here and Yes italians do work ! Contrary to what I believed previously! Maybe there are alot of scioperi, but at the office they work long hours...! I am reading all your blogs ...so thank you for continuing to post!!