30 September 2008


I know I haven't been blogging much...And I really promised myself I would after I got back from Bologna, but I just can't seem to do it! uffa.... I read all of your blogs though! and I live vicariously through all of you in italy!

Updates--well So i'm back from my semester abroad.....looking for my next trip to Italy.. I'm thinking January since I plan on doing a master's program next year in Italy where they offer you a stage so you can go ahead and work with an italian company! I graduate in may so I can work here for a few months before then!

2. I am working on my Italian Citzenship......Uhm ...well you know how that goes a slow and long process even though I have every document but 1 (my great grandfather's birth cert. from italy) I paid a company--My italian Citzenship.com It's about month 3 and still nothing! So i called the COMUNE DI NERETO....... well they just dont work at 12.20 on a friday they are closed for the day much like everyday.

3. I met over 30 italians in philadelphia! So exciting! Really it's changed my life..I feel very much like I live in Italy but in Philadelphia, i've learned so much from all of them ! And I love them dearly!

4. Boy in bologna? I don't even know what to say about this one....I have this confusing friendship/like with this guy in Bologna...we do these "video chats" who knows whats going to happen there... :D

always exciting!

well love you all! keep on bloggin'

baci & abbracci
lisuccia <3