24 September 2007

So....I couldn't Resist....

I had to watch the movie tonight! And I liked it...it was cute....don't get me wrong....but It had the same recurring theme that every italian movie has....
1. young love..boy meets girl or vice versa always in high school or liceo

2. The story of "provando tutto per qualcuno" doing whatever it takes to get the girl or to be together

and lastly..

3. Husband cheats on wife....or wife cheats on husband...
IS THIS NORMAL? i mean.....yes i know it happens everywhere and certainly I have seen america's divorce rate. But...every Italian movie I watch has this thing where the husband is cheating on his wife and lies to her and basically doesn't care. I think maybe I should expect this if I marry an italian man just because it happens every italian movie......

such as.....
1. L'ultimo bacio
2. Ricordati di me
3. Notte prima degli esami
4. 3 metri sopra il cielo (altho this case was the wife cheated on the husband)
5. Caterina va in citta--(again the wife cheating more or less)

Basically every major italian film.....


So I've been wanting to watch this movie for along time, but since I live in America it's hard to find Italian movies. I finally downloaded it..(yes i know, illegally!) But i'm really excited to watch it within the next two days...so i was wondering has anyone watched it??? If you'd like to check out the trailer here:


It is in italian!

Baci ***

10 September 2007


Sorry my blog has been lacking lately! Sometimes I just feel as if I run out of things to say, since I'm not currently in Italy--so I can really only relate through past experience and experiencing italy currently from across the pond :) So i've been completing all my applications for study abroad and my first choice is BOLOGNA! :) yes i've finally reached this decision. Although there is the possiblity I won't get in because it's a very selective program but hopefully I will. One of my backups is Urbino.

Has anyone ever been there?

This is a marvelous town atop the hills of the Marche region. Dating back to the 1500's with the Duke Federico--

I spent a fantastic summer there and absolutely loved it! Especially because we got to see all the recent graduates get dunked in the fountain! Did anyone else ever witness this? when they sing the song
Dottore....dottore...dottore nel buca del culo va fanculo!
It's funny !

Well if you get the chance visit!! you will fall in love....

Baci & Abbracci


04 September 2007

So Italian TV?

I'm not sure how many of you in Italy (or in america that get satallite) watch italian Tv shows, especially the reality tv shows. I happen to enjoy these italian shows like

Isola dei famosi (like survior for famous people)

Vero Amore (like temptation island)

questo comico perche conosco lui il ragazzo che vede sua fidanzata :D

C'e posta per te (like forgive or forget)

Pupa e il secchione (like beauty and the geek)

It's great cause once again you can watch them on youtube!