24 September 2007

So....I couldn't Resist....

I had to watch the movie tonight! And I liked it...it was cute....don't get me wrong....but It had the same recurring theme that every italian movie has....
1. young love..boy meets girl or vice versa always in high school or liceo

2. The story of "provando tutto per qualcuno" doing whatever it takes to get the girl or to be together

and lastly..

3. Husband cheats on wife....or wife cheats on husband...
IS THIS NORMAL? i mean.....yes i know it happens everywhere and certainly I have seen america's divorce rate. But...every Italian movie I watch has this thing where the husband is cheating on his wife and lies to her and basically doesn't care. I think maybe I should expect this if I marry an italian man just because it happens every italian movie......

such as.....
1. L'ultimo bacio
2. Ricordati di me
3. Notte prima degli esami
4. 3 metri sopra il cielo (altho this case was the wife cheated on the husband)
5. Caterina va in citta--(again the wife cheating more or less)

Basically every major italian film.....



Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a very common plot in Italian movies.
I never watch "modern" italian films, since the level is very low, really low...
This, especially the first one (yours is a sequel) I was told it was nice.

Anonymous said...

I guess this theme is recurring because perfect love stories, where nothing happens, are boring and action movies are too expensive! Or maybe there is some lack in immagination!

Try some movies from Ferzan Özpetek like "le fate ignoranti","la finestra di fronte" or "saturno contro".

I liked also "la meglio gioventù"
a 6 hours movie (!!!) that teach also something about recent italian history.


PS: it's Bolognese, not Bologanese!!