22 October 2007

Lavorare in italia :)

Has anyone ever applied for a job in italy? I just translated my CV into italian and I'm wondering what the process is for being hired in italy? I want to work in a small boutique as a "commessa". Im interested to know what that process might be like (interview, how you get paid--check or what not) etc. So if you have any thoughts or experience let me know! thanks :)

baci & abbracci



Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add a little picture of you in your CV if you want to work as commessa!

Usually you get paid monthly with a check.
Some shops (bigger ones like Camaieu ,Zara or Mango )are making special part-time contracts for students, smaller shops usually searches full-time employees.

If you are also considering to work for a bar or restaurant don't forget that the American tip-system is unknown in Italy so don't count on tips unless you work in a very touristic place.


Italiana Americana said...

Thanks Virginia! And thanks also for the fix on Bolognese :)