10 September 2007


Sorry my blog has been lacking lately! Sometimes I just feel as if I run out of things to say, since I'm not currently in Italy--so I can really only relate through past experience and experiencing italy currently from across the pond :) So i've been completing all my applications for study abroad and my first choice is BOLOGNA! :) yes i've finally reached this decision. Although there is the possiblity I won't get in because it's a very selective program but hopefully I will. One of my backups is Urbino.

Has anyone ever been there?

This is a marvelous town atop the hills of the Marche region. Dating back to the 1500's with the Duke Federico--

I spent a fantastic summer there and absolutely loved it! Especially because we got to see all the recent graduates get dunked in the fountain! Did anyone else ever witness this? when they sing the song
Dottore....dottore...dottore nel buca del culo va fanculo!
It's funny !

Well if you get the chance visit!! you will fall in love....

Baci & Abbracci



Audra said...

whats your name? i'll add you!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, never been there. The only thing I know about that university is that their internet connection comes via fiber optics from our university.
God, this is very romantic! :)

Farfallina said...

Where I studied at the University of Padova they had a smiliar song for graduates!!! Except for a very embarrasing ritual to go along with it :)

Good luck on your apps!

Leanne said...

I've been to Urbino for a few nights and it is such a beautiful little town, a lovely place to study I would imagine. I've not yet been to Bologna, but fingers crossed for you that you get your wish!

Shawn said...

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