31 August 2007

I miei preferiti!

I love youtube because there are so many interesting videos from italy! So i'm posting a couple of my favorites!

Professor that smokes in class:

argument between professor and student at La Sapienza :):

you tube is currently down so I will be adding others ! but check those in the meantime


Piccola said...

HaHa! Ale and I loved the student/teacher argument video :)

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Oh my goodness! and I'm supposed to enroll in La Sapienza! Should I laugh or cry?

So, a "friend" went to the window "to say hello" and everyone got into an argument for jumping lines!

Mamma mia!

Calabrisella said...

These are great! grazie

Amandambdl said...

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