25 August 2007


OK so adesso sono ritornata dalle vacanze e pronto di ricominciare con il mio blog!

So I was wondering what you all think about online dating at least in italy....I recently saw a Yahoo article that said "it's easier for italians to meet people online than it is on the beach..." I guess that since being online is so accessible and more italians are getting computers...dating has changed a bit. There are so many sites like badoo, bellisinasce, and meetic that I feel italians are looking online ..... if you ask many italians if they have met in person someone they met online...many say yes!

I've personally met 2 italians in person that I first met online...one happened to live in nyc....and i was up there for a concert. and another was in Rome with someone from caserta who I had known for almost a year....

The one from Caserta I no longer talk to ..but I do talk to the one i met in the nyc.

so do italians really meet more people online than the beach?


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Hehe... in my opinion, Italian men do not pass up the chance to meet a girl whether in person at a beach or online :)

Just be careful, okay?

Expat Traveler said...

I think you just need to be careful! Being online can be odd, but if you meet up with someone, just make sure it's in an open safe place..

I did that to meet people when I was leaving for Switzerland. It was a blessing for sure as I've made great friends from it and helped ease my move.

I enjoyed meeting other expats to hang out with from yahoo groups.

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