03 August 2007


Ho bisogna di consiglio.....

Ok so my Internship is ending next week and So I emailed the offices in Italy about continuing my Internship there, now that I found out with the student visa you can study and work for 20 hours in Italy! So I got a lot of out of office replies from the HR people...basically saying they won't be back til end of August but today I got a reply saying to call The main HR guy after the 26th of August ! Hurray! :) But there are a few things i don't like about talking on the phone in italian..... a) i can never hear clearly and always end up saying "cosa" like 4000x times...... and secondly... I realized that the offices in milan are far from bocconi....like really far....and the offices in roma..are outside the city so thats really far from sapienza....offices in BOlogna are like only sales offices. So who knows.. What do you think they would say if I told them I could do it June, July and August? that way if i'm in bologna I can move to rome/milan and find a close apt . What do you guys think? help!! :)

baci & abbracci


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...


Woooooow, that's news to me! Hmmm...

Ofcourse! Ask about June, July and August! Afterall, if the three year long alternatives are out the window, what can you loose?

That is, unless you think it's worth the commute to get those 20 hours employment each week to help you learn about the work enviornment, etc. and open new doors, then why not?

How far outside of Rome? :)

Jessica_in_Rome said...

Ask exactly where outside of rome it is. I live a few train stops away from Sapienza and my stop is considered outside of Rome. So chances are it isn't that bad. And you will be going against rush hour traffic each way, so you won't *hopefully* have to wedge yourself into the metro :)