07 July 2008

Ristorante Revista Lunedi (Restaurant Review Monday)

Scaccomatto Trattoria
(Trattoria in Broccaindosso)
Via Broccaindosso 63/B Bologna
This is one of my favorite trattoria's in Bologna and also one of the most famous amongest Italians and Bolognesi. I went to this trattoria 3 times during my stay in Bologna and everytime was delicious...The head chef is famous for his creativity in the kitchen and his boldness in trying new combinations that ordinary italians would never try!

Examples of some of his dishes include:

  1. the Fettucini made with coffee beans in delicate sauce with venison-This was very interesting...as a dish the flavors weren't something i had ever previously encountered.

  2. Tortellini in brodo- This was a tortellini filled with a shredded meat I believe it was either chicken or beef, in broth, with a cheese foam (like a froth of cheese). I really enjoyed this dish the flavors were pretty standard but it was the texture's that I really enjoyed.

  3. Semifreddo di Pistacchio-This dessert was really good but it wasn't very sweet I did however like the creamy texture.

  4. Handmade pasta filled with vegtables in a green sauce- This was my favorite dish hands down....It was just the most fresh tasting dish like biting into a garden. I really don't know how to describe it. But I have included a photo.

Chocolate carmel and granita-this was my favorite dessert, a chocolate mousse with a layer of carmel and a scoop of caffe flavored granita on top. You are supposed to take the spoon and get a layer of each. Was an incredible mix of textures, flavors and temperatures. Really fabulous.

He changes his menu every 2 -4 weeks so there is never the same thing on the menu. The chef does come out and meet the guests, hes very nice. He was also featured in a book about chefs which you can buy at his trattoria. The decour inside is checkards and has all antique cards on the wall.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

That tortellini sounds delish!!!

Bill Menard said...

Dear Italiana Americana,

You sent me an inquiry several months ago whether I knew how much sugar was in Rita's tiramisu recipe. Sorry for the delay but the recipe was at my vacation home, which I just retrieved.

Rita's recipe does not specify the amount of sugar, but my notes indicate that you use 3 tablespoons of cocoa and 1 cup of sugar (along with the 8 eggs and 6 espressi). Hope that is helpful.

Best regards,
Bill Menard

Natalie Trusso Cafarello said...

Hi Italiana Americana,

I noticed that you left a comment on my blog. Thanks so much for reading.
I am glad you enjoyed the piece and have eaten pistacchio and pasta. I am now reading your blog and wondering, are you still in Bella Bologna??? Will you be writing more?



Anonymous said...

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