16 January 2008


Che devo dire?!

The first week here in Bologna was very difficult......to say the least.\

No internet connection-sorry I'm attached to my pc!
No sole....uffa One of the things I didn't realize was that bologna is an incredibly cloudy and rainy town! Luckly it isn't too cold though.
The people here in Bologna are quite different--different than the rest of italy i'd say. There is alot of punk kids and like alternative --not the fashionable men that your used to seeing in Rome.
The difficulty of living with Italian roomates --even though I'm fluent in italy it's still diffcult because italian girls keep to themselves alot more than American girls--at least till they get to know you!

The food here in bologna is amazing.................... :) and..... well...there are some beautiful historic buildings.

I hope this adjustment period will quickly pass.......... ciao a tutti grazie!!!


Ambra Celeste said...

Hey! It sounds like you are doing well, the adjustment period can be rough, but you have the right attitude to make it with ease. Just stay focused on the positive! The food, yay! :) hugs!

Leanne said...

Hang in there! Settling in is always hard, but before you know it you'll feel at home. At least you can speak the language so you have no problems there!

Calabrisella said...

nn ti preoccupare...

in boca al lupo!


paolaccio said...

Dai Lisa! I'm moving out there in June... my secret dream (so secret i dare not admit it even to myself) is to find work in Bologna. So who knows.. perhaps I will get a chance to ask you to prendere un caffè with me!!

Buona fortuna con i studi!