04 January 2008

Un amore perso......

Yes, I feel like I have lost a love since I haven't been keeping up with my blog! I just spent an hour reading everyone's holiday stories and seeing all the wonderful things going on in all of your lives! It's great when you can find people who share the same interests and can laugh at the same things :). Well I leave Monday for Bologna and my bags are nearly packed to capacity. (mostly composed of the traditional italian garb however--black, black, an occasional brown and oh once again black!)

Allora ci vediamo in Italia !
Baci & Abbracci



juli said...

Hi I realy enjoy your blog and have linked to it- take a look at mine and see if you want to link me back!

Roam2Rome said...

Monday the 7th? So, you're in Italy already! Guuuau!

I was wondering about your move, disapeared to code, came back and *poof* you're in Italy!

How great! Awww, the blogosphere is about today. So, you'll pick it back up!

I hope you enjoy the transition :)