26 July 2007

Non PoSso Decidere!!!!!!

OK so I had an appointment this week with my friends mom who happens to be a study abroad advisor who was born in italy! So we somewhat narrowed the list or so I believe to
Roma-Sapienza/roma 3
Universita di Bocconi

But I still cant decide....so she gave me a few tips.... 1) weight the positives and negatives of each university! 2) Each day pretend like you are going to that university (take milano for example) and all Day I pretend I am going to Milan and record my feelings. To me this is a really important decision because this is my small step leading me to the big step of living in italy! I really want to intern while i'm there as well so hopefully I can work for an italian company. SHe told me that often with a visa you can't get a "permisso di sorgerno( i know i spelled that wrong!) Is this true? How did you all decide what city you were going to move to? Next week I will be chosing a city everday and I want you to let me know what you guys think ok??
Baci & Abbracci


chris & erin said...

Yes, this is true that you have to get a PDiS when you arrive in Italy...the visa is really just your entrance, but your PDiS is your allowance to stay (must be applied for within 8 days of arriving in Italy, and this will tell you how long you are allowed to stay).

The things we looked at when deciding a city was different with this move than a hopeful future move. We are doing language study, so I wanted to stay in Tuscany with more of the "pure" (non dialect) language to learn properly...but I really think we'll end up near the sea, more south of Tuscany if we end up there more permanently in the future!

Ashley said...

You definitely get a permesso. They type of permesso you get depends on what visa you entered the country with (i.e. you enter with a student visa you will not be given a permesso for work).

With a student visa you get a permesso di soggiorno to study. This allows you to legally work for 20 hours a week (that is what we are going to do).

Ashley said...

Also, I think picking a language school is similar to picking a college (I assume you are in college). What type of things would you prefer: a city (Rome)vs a smaller town (Urbino), which school has a program you would prefer etc. For us, travel was also important. Even though Siena is not on a main train line it is centrally located and will allow us to easily explore Tuscany and other regions.

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

The study visa will give you a permesso di soggiorno!

Will you be enrolling in a degree program or language program?

After my undergrad studies when I had to choose a school to study I completely discarded Rome since it's an expensive city, but now it's a good place for me :) I went for smaller town Siena, and Padova since it's one of the oldest universities my student ID card said "ACADEMIC YEAR 780" and my eyes widened!

Hmm... she's right, write down how you want to spend your days :)

I'd recommend to you Bologna since it's a combination of small and larger, it has a good college town feel with a vibrant atmosphere and is between Venice and Florence... they say Bologna "Bologna's large student population has largely contributed to the city’s vibrant and varied nightlife. "Erasmus" nights are hosted at several bars to cater specifically for international students studying on exchange."

You'd be able to breathe Italy and Erasmus life which is sooo important, and from there you can exchange ideas and decide where you'd actually like to live in!

Paolo said...

I hope you choose La Sapienza! If I was doing it all over again I would want to study there - as it is I just dream of teaching there, but everyone says it is riddled with cronyism. Oh well.

Other than that, I love Bologna. I was there during ferragosto, so there was no one at UNIBO, but it is a beautiful city, and mamma mia, the food!

In bocca lupo! You have a wonderful quandary on your hands. It will turn out great however you choose, so dai, dai, dai!

Italiana Americana said...

ashley, roam to rome, I had no idea that you get the permisso with the student visa! very nice! This is great.

Chris & Erin--I love tuscany too!

ROam to Rome-I love bologna and I'm going to look into it more closely! I love being with italian students so I'm not too concerned with other erasmus students. I'm acutally trying to avoid the American Study abroad experience ehehe!

PAolo-You are the only one aside from other italians I talk to that things I should go to Sapienza! I love Rome, and I think sapienza would be great because thisi way I could meet other italians and not have the American study experience even though I'll be in rome which is touristY! However they tell me its alot of independent study, it will be hard because the oral exams are for 1 entire year at the end (and I'm doing spring semester which means coming in half way!). ALso they tell me its pure casino! I'd like to go there though!

Glory said...

I've heard that la sapienza is a good school, the daughter of one of my parents friends goes there. Good luck with choosing!

mastrino said...

Well ... it depends on what you want to study and what are your goals:
Universita' Bocconi: It is a private university for economy, nothing else. Milano is an ugly city (in my opinion) and it is the most expensive town of Italy.
Roma is a nice city, you can find all the university classes you need (the most at least) but is quite expensive (a little less than Milano) and very chaotic. I don't know if you like chaotic places.
Bologna is a nice midsize city where can be nice to live.
Urbino is a very cute small middle-age city. But it is small.
I read on your profile that you study technology; the best technology university in Italy are: Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino.
Have fun

Paolo said...

Ahah Lisa, I am straight wannabe romanaccio, so naturally I am going to steer you towards caput mundi... forza Roma!!!

casino, erm - non so nulla di quello... :-D