13 July 2007

The things I miss most.........

"I can honestly say that if I was told at this moment that I was dying, not my first, not my second, but certainly my third thought would be that I should never see Italy again"--Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett

There are certain things that I always miss when I'm not in Italy.....

1. the people....just the friendliness and the energy
2. The sound of vespa's ah.....
3. Casino--it makes life more interesting- yes in america everything is fast and efficent, but does it really always make life better? I like to take my time, have funny stories and meet people along the way in life.
4.Pizza from Pizzeria da Michele in Napoli (best pizza ever only 5 euros!)
5. Capiroska alle fragole--they just don't make this drink here!!
6.Lido--the italian beaches are fantastic--much better than the jersey shore where you have to pay 15 dollars to sit on a dirty beach.....in italy i don't mind paying 10 euros for a chair in sorrento....
7. Being able to buy La Perla swimwear--they don't ship to america!! And its much more expensive here.
8. Architecture--In italy even the smallest street can be magnificent because of the old architecture. You can stumble upon hidden treasures!!
9. Italian Music on the radio.....sure i download it...but it's not the same thing as listening to Radio Kiss Kiss.
10. BEING ABLE TO WALK TO THE PIAZZA ! (Sorry this should be number one! I loveeee going to the piazza --sitting down and having gelato, espresso, un panini, granita......)
11. FARE UN GIRO--when there is nothing to do.....you fare un giro! its simply not the same thing in america--everyone always has somewhere to go.
12. Pasta with pepe e pecorino cheese- As served at Boccadivino ristorante in Roma
13. People on the street painting pictures.....

Basically everything execpt for not so nice italians and Venezia . (not so friendly the venetians!)

Alla prossima

Baci & Abbracci,


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

fantastic list.

I also miss the color of the sky in Rome at dusk, the markets, fare una passeggiata, etc.

Calabrisella said...

che bel list!

ma... have you ever live in Italia?

mi manchi tutti.. lo buono,lo bello, lo bruto, lo cativo...

Calabrisella said...
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Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

This is a lovely list. It's nice to see things like that because there are times when I forget why I love living here. I know, that might seem impossible... you'll see. Once you move to a place, you get the good and the bad. But this was a nice way for me to think back to how I felt in the beginning, in my "love affair" with Rome. Of course I still love it here but we're like an older married couple now. ;-)