11 July 2007


Hi ! Welcome to my page, I saw so many inspiring blogs of other people who moved to Italy, that I decided to create my own! I first went to Italy when I was 13, after that I decided to learn Italian online in chat rooms. Now I am fluent as I know the basics as well as dialect. I'm in college right now, and will be studying abroad next spring in Italy after that I hope to move there. I know it will be a difficult process--but I know that I should follow my dreams!

So my first question for all of you is where should I study!? I want to do direct enrollement into an italian university...My options are:
  • La Sapienza-in Rome
  • Roma 3
  • Universita Di Bologna
  • Univerista di Urbino (Marche)
  • Bocconi in milano

Maybe someone has some insight to help me out, but based on cities what do you think?

Everyone tells me Milano fa schifo! Roma obviously is beautiful but I don't want something too turisty. Urbino is lovely but a very small town--hard to access trasnportation. Bologna is a beautiful city but it's been a few years since i've been there so I don't rememeber too well.

My italian dilect/slang word of the day= "casino". Vai alla piazza, c'e un casino. It means that there is alot of people or it could mean confusion. I tuoi cappelli sono un casino! your hair is a mess!

Let me know any ideas!

Baci & Abbracci



sognatrice said...

Ciao Lisa, and welcome to the blogosphere! I'm sorry to say I don't really know much about Italian universities, but it sure sounds exciting! Thanks for your comments over at my place and the link...and auguri!

jessica in rome said...

hey I briefly looked into Italian U's but was warned against it since my Italian isn't college level and especially since the Uni's here are run MUCH different than the ones in America. Unless your Italian is really really good I would rec'd a University for foreigners. The people I know that are Italian say the Rome universities are really hard and you need to be really independent. ciao!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Ciao cara e benvenuta!

I would strongly recommend against La Sapienza. It is the largest university in Europe and is a true bureaucratic nightmare. The horror stories I've heard from Italians who have come out of that place alive (my husband and pretty much all his friends included) are unbelievable. Not for the faint of heart and probably not worth your time and effort.

Some US university students I used to work with when I worked in study abroad here in Rome did a prep program for language then went on to Bologna and Bocconi. I didn't hear much from the Bocconi kids, but you're right that Milan isn't the most liveable city in Italy. The Bologna students LOVED it there, really loved both the city and the university. That would be my choice. You're only an hour an a half or so from Florence, and 3 hrs. or so from Rome.

Calabrisella said...


Italiana Americana said...

Grazie a tutti! yes i have been hearing alot about Sapienza being crazy! So i may just have to pass on that one . I'm still wondering about Roma 3 though! Thanks for your help!

Caroline in Rome said...

Welcome to blogging! I vote for Rome but can't give a recommendation for a university. By the way, make sure you do all the paperwork to show that your education in the US meets the prequisites for going to university in Italy (you have to get a statement of equivilency).

Roam 2 Rome said...

I studied in two Italian Universities 5 years ago... After Siena I had the choice of going to Rome or Padova, and I chose L'Universita Degli Studi di Padova since Padova is a small college town full of life and young people and only minutes from Venice.

Those were the best years of my life! Hardcore studies, yes! I've returned to work in the US, but after much thought, I'm going back to medical school and will throw all of me to enroll in La Sapienza! I should be there this month, but it is a lot of paperwork that will still take me a few months to get together...

When ever you're ready, I can give you a lot of tips :)

Vaniglia said...

Italiana Americana.. CIAOOOOO!
Mmmmmh, I think Rome is absolutely wonderful, but of course quite chaotic..
The university of Bologna is very big too, but probably a little less messy..the city is ok, but nothing to be compared to Rome in my opinion!
No..I would advise you not to choose Milano (Bocconi) since all the people I know who study and/or live there say it has so many opportunities but I (+they) don't think it is a very livable one.. rather GRIGIA.. ;-)))

Ronniervix said...

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